December, 2015

4 Financial Mistakes to Avoid in 2016

December 31, 2015

The New Year is almost here. While many people may be scrambling around to get ready for a festive New Year’s Eve celebration tonight, others may be considering their resolutions – and what they want to focus on improving in 2016. If you are among those who are focused on achieving a better financial outlook…
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Red Flags to Beware of When Shopping for Debt Relief Services

December 20, 2015

Turning to a professional for help getting out of debt can be a smart decision when you are no longer able to pay your bills and/or when your debt seems to be growing regardless of your efforts to reduce it. After deciding to get professional debt relief help, however, the next important decision will be…
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4 Common & Unexpected Sources of Debt that Can Sneak Up on Consumers

December 10, 2015

Unemployment, poor management of credit cards and even divorce can push people into serious debt. In some cases, however, debt can come from unexpected sources – even some that may present themselves as opportunities. And knowing how and when these more surprising sources of debt can arise can help you avoid getting caught in a…
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What to Bring to a Meeting with a Bankruptcy Lawyer

November 30, 2015

When you are ready to get professional help getting out of debt, meeting with a bankruptcy attorney to figure out your next best steps can be a good move. And, if you really want to make this meeting as productive and helpful as possible, preparing the following items to bring with you can help you…
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Did You Know these 4 Things that Can Damage Your Credit?

November 20, 2015

Your credit report and credit score can impact your buying power and borrowing opportunities. For those who are preparing to make larger purchases (like homes or motor vehicles), improving their credit or maintaining good credit can be essential to qualifying for a loan (or qualifying for optimal rates). For others, working on having better credit…
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4 Essential Facts to Know about Colorado Payday Loan Laws

November 10, 2015

When money is tight and sudden expenses come up, some people may consider taking out a payday loan to help them get by until their next influx of funds. Although payday loans can be helpful in limited circumstances, however, they can also cause big problems for some people struggling with debt, possibly causing that debt…
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Can Bankruptcy Stop Wage Garnishments?

October 31, 2015

Whether or not bankruptcy can stop wage garnishments will depend on whether the garnishment has already gone through. Specifically, when people file for bankruptcy, a court injunction known as an automatic stay will immediately go into effect. The automatic stay will halt creditors from taking any additional action against bankruptcy petitioners – and this includes…
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Should I File for Bankruptcy before Divorce?

October 20, 2015

It depends on your situation, your needs, the type of bankruptcy case you want to pursue and your goals. We’ll dive deeper into this answer below. Benefits of Filing for Bankruptcy before Divorce When bankruptcy and divorce may be necessary to resolve your financial and marital issues, filing for bankruptcy before moving forward with divorce…
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Bankruptcy FAQs: Answers about Colorado Bankruptcy Exemptions

October 10, 2015

When filing for bankruptcy, petitioners may be able to take advantage of Colorado bankruptcy exemptions in order to retain certain property through the proceedings. These exemptions effectively prevent certain property from becoming part of the bankruptcy estate. They can apply to various types of property, including real estate, motor vehicles and personal property. To clarify…
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5 Questions to Answer When Preparing for Bankruptcy

September 30, 2015

Once you have decided to pursue bankruptcy to resolve your debt issues, you may need to take some extra steps to get ready to file for bankruptcy in the near future. By answering the questions below, you can start to figure out what these steps may be for you, given your financial situation and goals….
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