May, 2015

Bankruptcy Judge Approves $26M Sale of RadioShack Name, Intellectual Property

May 31, 2015

A proposed sale of RadioShack’s name and intellectual property has just been approved a U.S. bankruptcy judge. According to the terms of the deal, the bankrupt RadioShack will sell its brand name and customer data to General Wireless for approximately $26 million. General Wireless, an affiliate of Standard General, reportedly acquired more than 1,700 RadioShack…
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4 Steps to Prioritizing a Budget

May 21, 2015

Living on a budget is one of the most effective ways to know what you are spending and, consequently, keep your debt in check. However, if you’ve never put together a personal budget before, understanding how to prioritize it can be confusing if not challenging. Here’s a look at the steps you can take to…
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SkyMall Filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

May 10, 2015

SkyMall LLC and its parent company, Xhibit Corp., have recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, citing increased competition from online retailers as one of the reasons for its waning popularity and profits. Another reason cited for the bankruptcy filing was the increased use of smartphones (and other devices) on flights, as more and more flights…
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