June, 2015

4 Things to Avoid Doing before Filing for Bankruptcy

June 30, 2015

When bankruptcy is the best option for resolving a serious debt situation, people usually do not run out and immediately file the paperwork to begin their case. Instead, they generally have to get their affairs in order, take a credit counseling class and prepare the necessary documents. This can mean that, commonly, it will be…
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Prominent U.S. Grocer on Brink of Filing for Bankruptcy, Some Say

June 20, 2015

A&P, a grocer that has been doing business in the U.S. for more than 155 years, may be on the brink of bankruptcy, some are predicting. Last month, attempts to sell the company via auction were not met with any viable offers. Now, with only 400 locations open throughout the U.S., some expect that the…
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5 Steps to Take When You Need a Financial Fresh Start

June 10, 2015

When you can’t seem to make any headway on digging yourself out of debt and improving your financial situation, it may be time for a financial fresh start. While the paths to getting this fresh start will be different for different people (depending on their debt situation and some other factors), in general, the following…
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