Tax Debt

3 Tax Debt Solutions When You Can’t Pay the IRS

August 10, 2015

Being pursued by any creditor can be stressful. When that creditor is the IRS, however, the situation can be more intense. This is because the IRS can bring your financial situation to a complete halt, cutting you off from your bank accounts and income (when deemed necessary). So, if you have a tax debt that…
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FAQs about Tax Debt and Bankruptcy (Pt. 3)

November 8, 2014

Wrapping up our blog series FAQs about Tax Debt and Bankruptcy, here are some final answers to commonly asked questions about tax debt and bankruptcy. Q – What if I already have a federal IRS tax lien against me? What happens to the IRS lien if I file for bankruptcy? A – If you are…
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FAQs about Tax Debt and Bankruptcy (Pt. 2)

November 4, 2014

Resuming FAQs about Tax Debt and Bankruptcy (Pt. 1), below are some more answers to commonly asked questions about tax debt and bankruptcy cases. Q – Can the IRS stop me from being able to discharge tax debt through bankruptcy? A – Yes! Like other creditors you may have, the IRS can file specific paperwork…
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FAQs about Tax Debt and Bankruptcy (Pt. 1)

October 31, 2014

Tax debt is a serious problem for many Americans, and what many of these people may not know is that bankruptcy can be a viable option for discharging this type of debt when people don’t have the means to pay it off. Because, however, bankruptcy can’t be used for all types of tax debts, in…
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Business Taxes in Colorado

October 4, 2013

Business taxes, also referred to as corporate taxes, in Colorado can be far more complicated to calculate as than individual income taxes, as there are a number of additional factors that business owners have to consider when filing corporate income taxes each year. Specifically, business taxes can involve sales taxes, unemployment insurance taxes and property…
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Tax Debts and Bankruptcy

July 10, 2013

Along with credit card debt and medical bills, tax debt is another primary financial woe that can cause borrowers to get behind on their mortgage payments, potentially have their wages garnished and ultimately need to seek out bankruptcy in order to achieve a financial fresh start. However, while debt like credit card debt and medical…
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