Check out the client testimonials for the Law Office of Jon B. Clarke to learn more about our superior bankruptcy and debt relief services.

Check out the client testimonials for the Law Office of Jon B. Clarke to learn more about our superior bankruptcy and debt relief services.

I was introduced to Jon Clarke through another BK Attorney who could not handle my case. Right after my first phone conversation with Jon I felt at ease and confident that I had made the wright decision. Jon guides you through your case and is there whenever you need him.

My case involved thousands of dollars in credit card debt, personal loans and a Townhouse. I also own my own business with a lot of personally guaranteed debt. Needless to say, I was very stressed and confused.

When it came time for our Trustee/Creditor meeting, we were in and out in 30 minutes (that was for 3 of Jon’s clients). When we sat down in the main room where the Trustee was she immediately acknowledged Jon’s presence with a friendly statement. When it was our time to sit in front of the Trustee she continued to be friendly with Jon and said, “Jon, did you get my referral of that doctor that needed your help?” She actually refers clients to Jon! I couldn’t believe it! At this point, I knew I made the wright decision and everything was worth it!

I have already referred people to Jon and I hope you make the wright decision to do so also! In addition, Jon’s assistant Phyllis has been with him since 1979!! That pretty much say’s it all!


I just want to take this opportunity to once again say, “Thank You” Jon and Phyllis for helping my husband and I through what I know to be one of the most difficult times in our lives. We were in denial the we were facing bankruptcy and I’m sure one of the more difficult clients. Jon was so reassuring and informative throughout the process and helped us realize that there really is normalcy after bankruptcy! My husband and I are a month away from our discharge being two years old and we are preparing to buy a home. We have established good credit again, have a growing savings account and looking forward to our future…something I couldn’t allow myself to even consider two years ago. Sincerely,

~The Smiths-Denver

It appears that soon we will see final closure to our Bankruptcy, that is if the IRS actually did send our tax refund to our Trustee yesterday. My wife and I can say without hesitation that you provided outstanding advice and service in the successful outcome of our Chapter 7 bankruptcy. We understood from the very beginning what our cost would be, what our risks could be, and what service you could, and would provide. We paid exactly what you said we would – we encountered no “hidden” surprises. It was truly a pleasure to work with you and your staff.

Your web site is what brought us to your office. Unlike many of the others, your site had useful information that helped us decide what we should do. It wasn’t a sales pitch. Even after visiting your site several times, we weren’t harassed with email messages from you, like we were from the other sites we visited.

Below is part of an email I sent to you last October. I want to make sure you have it to show your prospective clients should you so choose, because I know this for sure – that if your prospective clients don’t select you to represent them, they will have selected the wrong legal counsel.

Thank you for everything you did on our behalf. You made a very painful process far more painless than we could even hope to imagine.  Sincerely,

~Gary-Douglas County

I have no complaints or concerns about how things were done.  Janie and Phyllis were always pleasant, professional, very responsive to any of my questions or needs.  An amazing staff.  The process I experienced certainly was very new to me, intimidating and somewhat scary.  All three of you made the process easy and made me comfortable.  Mr. Clarke, it was a pleasure to meet you and thank you for your help.  I have no reservations about recommending you and certainly will do so.  Currently everything seems to be fine with my financial matters.  Thank you all

~Ed, Denver

For all the possible issues that could have occurred in a $20 million bankruptcy, the fact that NONE of them occurred is prima fascia that John and Phyllismade sure theinformation was correct, complete and not overly detailed at the same time. I appreciate the professionalism and would never hesitate to recommend your team to anyone in the position of considering their financial options.

~ Bill, Castle Rock

I thought you and your staff were great. You made a difficult situation bearable. Your web site was very helpful and Janie was great. When I called in to your office she was so helpful and reassuring and really convinced me that you were the attorney for us.  Phyliss was a delight to work with and so efficient and I can see how you depend on her.  Jon, you really helped us and we will always be grateful—and we have turned down all of the credit card offers that we have had. Again, Thank You and your staff for all of your help.

~Glenda, Denver

Looking into filling chapter is a very complex and tough decision when you feel there is no way out. The TEAM you have makes it comfortable even though it is a very stressful, demining, tough decision to make. The web site and the information that is needed for the first phone call is very user-friendly. Jon is a very competent, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. Janie makes you feel at HOME with extreme comfort and very personable. Phyllis is un believable in putting all the data together and makes it very easy knowing exactly what is needed. Phyllis is also willing to take calls and answer questions with extreme ease and knowledge.   Jon’s quality is amazing. There is not enough I can say that would explain the work that he put in my case. It was absolutely a feeling that I was his only client and he was always available. You get what you pay for and I believe that JON CLARKE and his staff are THE BEST at what they profession. I interviewed four other firms and none of them hold a candle to JON CLARKE and his staff!!!!

~Mike, Highlands Ranch

You did a great job for me. Thank you!

~Jason, Littleton

Thank you for providing services to us. From our first conversation I was put at ease that there was a solution to my problem and that you knew how to help. I am also thankful for your help with matters after the discharge. Both you and your staff have been very thorough and professional and a huge help withmy case. Thank you very much. Thanks again,

~Val, Douglas County

I cant tell you guys enough how much I appreciate everything you have done for me.This has been a difficult time for me.Phyliss worked so hard.Jon thanks for all your great advice,and Janie was very nice.Your firm went above and beyond to help me and I thank you guys from the bottom of my heart.I am looking forward to a fresh start and I will owe that to you

~Mike, Lakewood

Great service. Since we don’t do much, if any, debtor work these days, you are no. 1 on our referral list.  Thanks for the help.

~CD, mid-size Denver law firm

Our first telephone conversation.- Mr. Clarke was very helpful with our special circumstances and was very straightforward with what we had to do.   Janie’s helpfulness as receptionist. – she is very nice and helpful  Phyllis’ efficiency as the legal assistant collecting data and answering questions. – she handled all of our information very professionally and was also very helpful.  Jon’s quality and quantity of advice concerning your status, scenarios and strategy. – he was awesome. I had a ton of questions and we had a special circumstance and he was very helpful with his advice and his expertise. Though this isn’t something you hope to recommend to friends, if we ever have friends in this situation I would most definitely recommend Mr. Clarke to them.

~LN, Arapahoe County

I could not have been happier with your efforts on my behalf. Your website provides current and relevant information regarding foreclosure and the process. I found it easily by searching online and was impressed by the quick response, once I initiated contact. I felt Jon, Janie and Phyllis all to be very helpful, professional and very knowledgeable. Although it was a very difficult time for me, I knew I was in good hands. Jon’s strategy was excellent and everything progressed smoothly. I have not experienced any matters following the discharge which will be a year ago, in April. My thanks to all of you and know that I would highly recommend you at any time. BestRegards,

~Cheryl, Littleton

Theinitial prospect of bankruptcy was embarrassing and shameful to me. Your professional and experienced demeanor were calming; helping me to face the inevitable.   The straight-forward presentation of forms and their deadlines simplified the filing process. I was informed on what to expect at every juncture.My concerns were promptly addressed.  Thank you all! I am able to hold my head up and begin again!  Kindest Regards,

~Alison, Aurora

Jon is direct and good at what he does. He knows the How, When and Who of filing. He makes no bones opinion about Credit Grantors and how consumers can get caught up in their credit granting jaws and get bleed to death.  Jon you could probably win the Grumpy Lawyer award but you would also be nominated for the best at what you do. You are a no nonsense get to point individual.

~JJ, Castle Rock

I want you to know how much your understanding, kindness & care meant to me.  You gave me the strength and courage to handle a difficult situation and keep my self esteem intact.  I am beginning a new job next week  and a new life and I hope I can help others  the way you helped me.  With gratitude,

~EO, Littleton

Phyllis continues to excel at her duties, ensuring that everything goes well and that clients are effectively and efficiently served.

~CW, Denver

The website was pretty instrumental in my decision to call Mr. Clarke. It was very professional and highlighted his expertise very well.  Mr. Clarke was very helpful with our special circumstances and was very straightforward with what we had to do.   Jon was awesome. I had a ton of questions and we had a special circumstance and he was very helpful with his advice and his expertise.  Though this isn’t something you hope to recommend to friends, if we ever have friends in this situation I would most definitely recommend Mr. Clarke to them.

~DW, Aurora

I want to thank you for all the work you put into my chapter 7 bankruptcy case. I have never had to go through anything like this before, and hope to never have to again. I could not be happier with the outcome. I was so relieved to hear back from you that the trustee had closed my case and I owe no more money.  Thank you so much for all the work and kindness you put into my case. Although, I hope no one I know has to go through this I will be sure to recommend you to them.  Best,

~DR, Arvada

We would like to thank you and your staff during this difficult time in our life having to file bankruptcy. You and your staff made things very easy for us in helping us understand that things happen in life and does not have to put a stress on moving forward with our life. After contacting your office with our questions we had about what we needed to do to start the process when we came into your office was not embarrassing or painful like we thought it was going to be, and our fears were calmed by you and your staff telling us everything was going to be ok and we were not the only people that have fallen on hard times and not meet our commitment with our creditors. Moving forward through the process was made easy for us since your team has it down to a easy format that anyone can understand without the mumbo jumbo legal terms clouding the process. Having a support team from your office is one thing I would recommend to any one that needs help going through bankruptcy since this is one of the hardest thing we had to say we just could not deal with the mountain of bills and phone calls from creditors and that stopped when we came to you for help with a few simple words from you. Have them call Jon Clark your attorney when they called our home or work. After that they never bothered us again!   Thanks Jon, we can answer the phone at night, and sleep again! ~J & C, Douglas County