Making your New Year’s party a potluck is a fun way to get your guests involved while also helping you save money on hosting the event.

Making your New Year’s party a potluck is a fun way to get your guests involved while also helping you save money on hosting the event.

The year-end holidays can be fun, exciting occasions to gather your friends and family and celebrate the beginning of a New Year. However, hosting a party can be financially stressful, especially if you have just spent a large amount of money on Christmas gifts. If you are planning on hosting a New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day party this year, here are some extremely helpful budgeting tips that can make it easy for you to put on a festive spread without breaking the bank or accumulating more debt.

  • Tip #1 – Consider hosting a potluck: Hosting a New Year’s party does not mean that you have to make the entire meal yourself. In fact, it can be fun for each of your guests to bring a special dish to them to share with the other guests at your party. While hosting a potluck is a fun way to get all of your guests involved in the event, it’s also a smart way for you to cut down on the expense of hosting the party.

    To ensure that your New Year’s potluck has a range of dishes, it may be a good idea to specifically tell each guest what type of dish to bring (i.e., while some guests can be responsible for making and bring appetizers, have other guests be in charge of side dishes or desserts).

  • Tip #2 Choose dishes with less expensive ingredients: Whether or not you choose to make all of the party’s meal or food yourself, it’s also a good idea to select dishes that don’t have extremely expensive ingredients. In fact, some of these dishes – like roasts or casseroles – can be just as tasty as more expensive counterparts without sacrificing your budget.

    If you do want to make one special dish with some more expensive ingredients, like lobster, you can consider making a dish with smaller portions to highlight the fancy ingredient (i.e., an appetizer), or you can alternately add the expensive ingredient into a more hearty meal – like a pasta dish – that will still showcase the ingredient but will help it go a longer way to feeding your party guests.

Be sure to check out the upcoming Parts 2 and 3 of this blog for more budgeting tips that can help you save money when putting on a New Year’s party.

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