Considering ways to save money on your Christmas shopping this holiday season can help you ring in the New Year without additional debt.

Considering ways to save money on your Christmas shopping this holiday season can help you ring in the New Year without additional debt.

Picking up from Tips for Saving Money This Holiday Season (Part 1), the following offers some more ideas for what you can do to avoid spending too much money when it comes to buying gifts this holiday season. By being diligent about your budget and thinking outside of the box when it comes to gift giving, you can happily ring in the New Year without additional debt.


  • Consider doing a different type of gift exchange game – If your family traditionally has each member getting one gift for each of the other members, you may want to change it up this year and try a different type of gift exchange, like doing a Secret Santa or White Elephant exchange.

    For each of these gift exchange games, each member will only have to focus on getting one gift for one person, and you can set a maximum amount that each person is allowed to spend on the gift (e.g., no more than $50 per gift). By having each family member focus on only one gift, your entire family can save a lot of money – which can be a gift in and of itself.

  • Make gifts – Some of the best gifts you can give are that you make yourself. Think about some meaningful things that you can make this year for members of your family – like photo colleagues, memory boxes, etc. Although you may have to put a little more effort into getting these gifts ready, you can avoid spending a lot of money while maximizing the holiday cheer that you spread to your loved ones.
  • Give the gift of a favor – If you are not particularly crafty, don’t have time to make something meaningful or just can’t come up with an idea, you can also give the gift of your time by giving someone a favor. This can be agreeing to clean out the garage or attic, giving a massage, etc. While the gift of your time can save you money this holiday season, it can also give you and your loved one a bonus gift of the great memory you share from the time you spent together.

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