Continuing from Want to Get Rid of Bill Collectors? Follow These 5 Steps (Pt. 1), below, we will continue our discussion of what borrowers can do to stop creditors and bill collectors from calling them and/or sending them letters when they have missed debt payments. If you have already tried these options and/or are ready to take more aggressive steps towards resolving serious debt, it’s time to meet with Denver Bankruptcy Lawyer Jon B. Clarke for a thorough case evaluation, as well as professional advice regarding your best options for debt relief.

When bill collectors are unwilling to work out settlement deals, contact Colorado Bankruptcy Lawyer Jon B. Clarke to learn about your options for debt relief.

When bill collectors are unwilling to work out settlement deals, contact Colorado Bankruptcy Lawyer Jon B. Clarke to learn about your options for debt relief.

In addition to documenting your contact with bill collectors and requesting validation notices of your alleged debt, as discussed in Part 1, you can also take the following steps to get rid of bill collectors when they may be pestering you for payments:

Step 3: Send a certified letter to request that bill collectors stop contacting you.

Borrowers have the right to officially ask bill collectors to stop calling them and mailing them letters about debt by sending these collectors certified letters with this request. It’s important to point out, however, that sending these certified letters to bill collectors will:

  • Not resolve the underlying debt (i.e., borrowers won’t be off the hook for paying the debt they owe just because they ask bill collectors to stop contacting them)
  • Not stop contact if the bill collectors decide to sue borrowers (or take other legal action – like wage garnishments – against them).

Step 4: Try to work out a deal with creditors.

In some cases, it may be possible for borrowers to negotiate a settlement deal with bill collectors, particularly if not a lot of time has passed since the missed payment. In fact, bill collectors will generally be more likely to work out deals with borrowers when borrowers are upfront about their situations and don’t wait weeks or even months before contacting collectors about possible payment options.

When contacting bill collectors to try to negotiate a payment option, consider offering to pay a fraction of the debt within 30 days (if possible) or offer a payment plan that you can realistically carry out.

Step 5: Consider filing for bankruptcy.

If bill collectors are unwilling to work out deals or settlements regarding your debt, then it may be time to considering filing for bankruptcy. While bankruptcy can help you get some of your outstanding debts discharged, from the moment you file, it can also effectively get bill collectors to stop contacting you altogether, as an automatic stay goes into effect.

Automatic stays are court injunctions that order creditors and bill collectors to stop:

  • Contacting borrowers about debt
  • Any legal actions they may be taking against borrowers (like, for instance, wage garnishments, repossessions and foreclosures).

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