When you are ready to get professional help getting out of debt, meeting with a bankruptcy attorney to figure out your next best steps can be a good move. And, if you really want to make this meeting as productive and helpful as possible, preparing the following items to bring with you can help you get more specific answers about your options for proceeding:

  • What to Bring to a Meeting with a Bankruptcy Lawyer

    What to Bring to a Meeting with a Bankruptcy Lawyer

    Information regarding your debt obligations, including (but not necessarily limited to):

    • A recent copy of your credit report
    • Mortgage loan documents
    • Vehicle loan documents
    • Credit card statements
    • Outstanding bills
    • Documents related to arrearages for child support and/or alimony payments
  • Information related to your income and assets, such as (but not exclusive to):
    • Income tax returns for the past few years
    • A few recent paystubs
    • Recent checking and/or savings account statements
    • Titles or deeds to property owned outright
  • Any correspondence you have from creditors and/or debt collectors, including (and, again, not necessarily limited to):
    • Delinquent account notices
    • Warnings regarding impending lawsuits
    • Notices of foreclosures or repossessions
    • Letters regarding possible or existing wage garnishments

Preparing for Your Bankruptcy Consult: More Important Info

  • Consider preparing your questions ahead of time also – As you get ready for your consult with a bankruptcy lawyer, another helpful thing to do can be to write down all of the questions you want to ask the lawyer. Taking the time to do this can ensure that you get all of the answers you need. And this can help you feel confident that you are informed to make the right decision for you moving forward.
  • If you don’t have time to prepare, don’t worry – Although preparing for an initial consult can be beneficial, it is not absolutely necessary, as a lawyer can work with you to help you gather your financial documents after this meeting. So, don’t worry if you don’t have time to do this before your consultation.

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